Justice for Youth: A Rozgar Revolution

Over half of our country is below the age of 30. Their energy should be harnessed for a brighter future for the nation. Seizing the opportunity means providing sustainable employment opportunities for all.

India has the largest youth population in the world - a unique strength. When a country has more workers to support those who cannot work - like children and the elderly - the economy can grow rapidly. However, this is a one-time chance. After 2050, as today's youth become tomorrow's elderly, India will have fewer workers to support them. Thus, the next 25 years are a crucial test - India must grow rapidly, and the growth must reach all, so that our individual and collective futures are secure.

The dreams and lives of crores of Indian youth depend on the nation's economic future. The Congress desires to deliver a future of hope - where each new generation can live better lives than their parents, and are more free from worries. After all, what is the virtue of economic growth if it is not growth for all?

Regrettably, the BJP doesn't share this vision for young India. PM Modi's slogans and speeches are only lip service which desperately try to hide the truth - over the past decade, our youth have been handed a bleak future.

In the ten years of the Modi government, the nation needed 1.2 crore jobs outside agriculture every year to give every youth a job. However, the Modi government has been able to meet less than half this need. This has caused a grave crisis - for the first time in India, 6 crore Indians were forced back into agriculture over the past decade. Today, 44.5% of youth between 20-24 years are unemployed - 5 times higher than the already high national unemployment of 8.7%.

Jobs are unavailable in government, in companies, or in startups. Since 2014, 22 crore youth have applied for government jobs, while 10 lakh jobs in central government ministries remain vacant. Employment in the manufacturing sector has halved since 2017, and construction and real estate have also shrunk. Recent news is grim from the IT sector as well, where companies have hired only 70,000, down nearly 90% from a high of 6 lakh in 2022. Because they have failed to generate enough jobs, Prime Minister Modi says the youth should fry and sell pakodas, despite self-employed individuals earning 34% less than salaried persons. The Modi government's policies have failed to catalyse opportunities, leaving the aspirations of the youth unfulfilled. Despite exceptional talent and ambition, they are neglected by a government which boasts of an economic growth in which they have no share.

At this moment of crisis, for the wellbeing of youth and the nation, we must rise up to this challenge with bold, decisive, and creative steps. We need a Rozgar Revolution.

To bring this Rozgar Revolution, the Congress has responded to the aspirations of India's youth by formulating a comprehensive plan for employment in government, the private sector and startups.

Many youth still aspire to government jobs, as can be seen from the sheer number who apply. Bharati Bharosa guarantees to fill 30 lakh vacancies with a published calendar. We will start by immediately filling existing vacancies. We will also create new jobs - especially in health and education.

In the last decade, persistent paper leaks have also wreaked havoc on the future prospects of crores of youth. Our Paper Leak se Mukti guarantees a new law to ensure that exams are conducted with integrity at every step of the process so that no paper leaks occur in the first place. Going beyond only punishment, this law answers the demand of job aspirants to end the paper leaks which put at risk their hard work and future.

Many youth prefer to pursue careers in the private sector. However, youth struggle with competition for limited jobs, a lack of work experience and limited access to the right networks. To solve these challenges, Pehli Naukri Pakki guarantees a 1 year apprenticeship with a ₹1 lakh per year stipend to diploma or degree holders below the age of 25. To youth this scheme will provide employment, confidence, experience, and a chance to enter the workforce. For the country, it will provide more trained and experienced workers.

In the private sector, 1.2 crore youth have joined the gig economy, working as delivery partners, taxi drivers etc. They lack social protection, and are vulnerable even as they risk their well-being. Our Gig Worker social security guarantee will provide, by law, social security and pension benefits to gig workers, similar to the law introduced by the Congress in Rajasthan.

Finally, entrepreneurship is an attractive option for youth. However, current startup schemes are complex and are limited to well-connected urban IT businesses. We will revolutionise funding to start businesses through Yuva Roshni by allocating Rs 5,000 crore through a national fund made available in each district. We will support the entrepreneurial spirit of young India across every corner of the country and also foster sustainable local businesses.

The Congress' guarantees to the nation's youth reflect our vision of an India where growth and prosperity is meant for all. We believe that India's youth are critical for this vision. That is why we have made guarantees to realise this vision by bringing a Rozgar revolution for youth across the public sector, private sector, and in entrepreneurship. We are committed to transforming the future of India and its youth; these guarantees are our unwavering commitment to fulfil their dreams.