Paanch Nyay





The Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is a campaign led by Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Its aim is to unite India through justice. The campaign seeks to understand the challenges and anyay faced by the poor, labourers, farmers, women, youth, backward classes, Dalits, tribals, and minorities and seeks to find a solution for them.

The Yatra was initiated due to the anti-people policies of the current Central Government, which have resulted in difficult times for every section of society and the country. Youth are struggling to find employment, and farmers are unable to make a living from their labor. A small group controls the country's resources and government. The Constitution, designed to hear every citizen's voice and protect their rights is being watered down, a fact evident in Manipur.

The aim of the Yatra is to find ways by which justice can be delivered to every Indian. Every woman should be respected, every youth should have opportunities for education and employment, every farmer should get the right price for his hard work and his crop, every laborer should get the right income, there should be provision of education and medicine for every citizen. The aim of this journey is to create an India where every section has a stake in resources and institutions.

The goal of the Yatra is to identify methods to deliver justice to every Indian. Every woman deserves respect, each young person should have access to education and job opportunities, every farmer should receive the right price for their hard work and crops, every worker should earn a suitable income, and every citizen should have access to education and healthcare. The purpose of this Yatra is to establish an India where all sectors have a share in resources and institutions.

During the Bharat Jodo Nyaya Yatra, Rahul Gandhi not only met with lakhs of people but listened attentively to their concerns. He reached out to them, inviting some while visiting others. He interacted with families and groups alike. Based on these interactions, he has announced guarantees for farmers such as implementing MSP as per the Swaminathan Committee's recommendations, conducting caste census, and abolishing the 50% reservation limit.

If you are a supporter of India's diversity and inclusivity, or belong to any of these communities, join our efforts to tackle India's current challenges. Let us work together towards a shared, progressive, harmonious, tolerant and peace-loving India. The journey of justice is yours to embark on. You can click here to join Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.