Category of Lies

SL. No. lies Truth
1. Will double farmers' income. Income from agriculture in real terms decreased by 11.7% (between 2012-13 & 2018-19)
2. Our Farmers will never be in a situation where they commit suicide. 30 farmers & farm labourers commit suicide every day.
3. After 700 farmers died protesting, the Modi Govt promised a law for MSP Guarantee No law brought into legalise MSP
4. Farmers shouldn't have to take loans, nor should they be forced to go to money lenders. The average farmer has higher loans today than in 2013.
5. We will help farmers earn income from exports. Since 2014, the government has repeatedly imposed export bans while reducing import duties, thereby hurting farmers' income.
6. Our government is working for the welfare of small farmers Farm Laws of 2020 were brought in due to lobbying of big corporates like Adani and ruined small farmers
7. Our government will be fair to farmers in land acquisition. Land Acquisition Law of 2015 would have allowed land acquisition without farmer consent and dilutes requirement for compensations.
8. The agriculture budget increased to 1.25 lakh crore In 5+ years, the agriculture ministry surrendered Rs 1+ lakh crore due to underspends.
9. PM Fasal Bima Yojana insurance for every farmer in case of calamity. PM FBY was only a handout to private insurance companies which have made Rs. 40000 crore profit.
10. We will not betray the trust of farmers 3 black farm laws passed without consulation, None of the promises guaranteed to farmers fulfilled.
11. Will bring back black money from abroad. Not a single rupee has been recovered so far!
12. 2 cr jobs every year. India grapples with its highest unemployment rate in 45 years.
13. Will end poverty by 2022. The number of Indians going to bed hungry surged from 19 crore in 2018 to 35 crore in 2022.
14. 15 lakh in every account. Not a Penny was disbursed!
15. All poor to be treated free via Ayushman Bharat Healthcare costs push 5.5 crore people per year into poverty. 1/3rd hospitals under Yojana are inactive
16. Will save Rupee
  • 2013 - 1$ = ₹54.73
  • 2024 - 1$ = ₹83.01
17. Will stop inflation
  • LPG - 120%
  • Mustard Oil - 59%
  • Atta - 59%
  • Milk - 71%
18. Will reduce petrol prices
  • 2014- Rs 71/ Litre
  • 2024- Rs 97/ Litre
19. Demonetization will end black money 99.3% of Demonetised Money Returned to Banking System
20. Zero Defect, Zero Effect: Make in India. Zero Jobs, Zero Income, Zero Employment.
21. We have strengthened democracy in India India among top 10 autocratising nations in the world under Modi regime.
22. India's strong democracy is defined by its diversity Hindi is being imposed as the national language
23. We will empower state govts to develop India. Modi secretly pressured the Financial Commission to cut state's funds and revenue from GST.
24. There should be a strong Opposition in the country. Harass Opposition by lodging false cases, freeze INC's bank account on flimsy excuse.
25. Strong and impartial judiciary crucial to fulfilling India's dream 21% of retired Supreme Court judges who retired in the last 5 years, took post-retirement roles with the govt.
26. No discrimination against minorities in India 3400 communal riots between 2016-2020
27. For my government, the Constitution is its real holy book. 'Socialist' and 'secular' removed from copies of the Constitution
28. We support a free and vibrant press 154 journalists arrested, detained, interrogated. 198 incidents of physical attacks.
29. Minimum Government Maximum Governance Disastrous policies like, GST, Demonetisation, CAA, Farm Laws…while Manipur burns
30. Parliament is an important platform for people's aspirations and to strengthen India's foundation. 146 Opposition MPs suspended from Parliament in 2023
31. Women's dignity is my number one priority Hathras Gangrape - the govt cremated the victim's body without family consent to hide evidence, while the PM remained silent.
32. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Sakshi Mallik, the brand ambassador of Beti Bachao was dragged on Delhi's streets to prevent her protest against sexual harasser BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh
33. I have always given priority to girl child education. BJP govt's Hijab ban in Karnataka's schools undermined the right to education of Muslim girls
34. Let us empower the girl child BJP IT cell duo among 3 held for IIT-BHU girl's gang rape.
35. I'm the chosen one for empowering and strengthening women The women's bill won't take effect till 2029. Only 12% of BJP's candidates in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections were women (53 out of 437)
36. Crimes against women is the biggest shame on us as a nation Under Modi govt, about 3.5 million cases of crimes against women were reported until 2022, according to NCRB data.
37. Participation of women across various sectors in the country has increased multifold. Unpaid women workers (aged 15-19) increased from 37.9% to 50.8%.
38. We stand with Muslim women Under Gujarat's BJP govt, 11 convicts in the Bilkis Bano rape case were released and greeted with garlands
39. Economic empowerment of rural women is a priority for us Centre owed ₹6,366 crore in worker wages to 18 States and Union Territories for MGNREGA, of which more than half are women.
40. Respect for women and their strength is deeply rooted in our culture Women assaulted, gang-raped, murdered in Manipur. They cried for help. PM has no time for them.
41. North-East believes in Modi's Guarantee 70,000 people were displaced, over 200 lives lost & 1118 injured in Manipur. PM Modi didn't pay a single visit but made 11 international trips in 2023 alone.
42. Why should there be politics at the cost of National Security? In the name of National Security, PM Modi's govt bought Pegasus software from Israel and used it to spy on opposition leaders, ministers, activists, journalists, judges, and government officials.
43. Will make India world's biggest military power.
  • No army recruitment in past three years.
  • 1.55 lakh vacancies in armed forces, army has about 1.36 lakh.
  • Defense budget for 2023-24 dips below 2% of GDP.
44. After the Pulwama attack, “the fury in the hearts of each of my countrymen, is ablaze within me.” PM asked then J&K Governor, Satyapal Malik to remain silent. He alleged requests for aircrafts for CRPF were denied despite intelligence warnings on RDX loaded cars along convoy routes.
45. Neither has anyone intruded our borders, nor have we encroached others. India has lost its presence in 26 of the 65 patrolling points in Eastern Ladakh along the LAC to China.
46. India has gained new strategic strength in recent years and its borders are now more secure than ever. China is building villages along the LAC in Arunachal Pradesh at the speed of 300-400 houses every 90 days.
47. I trust and implement everything the Indian Army recommends. Army wanted 75% retention in Agniveer scheme but government forced 25%.
48. Terrorism is an enemy of humanity and there can be no ifs and buts in dealing with it.
  • BJP minister Anurag Thakur accused of inciting violence with slogans like “Goli Maro”.
  • Convicted terrorist Pragya Thakur has been given a BJP MP ticket despite her involvement in the 2008 Malegaon bomb blast.
49. I have modernised the Indian Army. The army is not receiving the necessary 3% of GDP budget allocation for equipment modernization. Only 12 to 15% of its equipment is state of the art.
50. Cheen ko Laal Aankh dikhayenge Trade with China reached the highest ever record with $136.2 billion in 2023.
51. Transparency, Impartiality, and probity is needed. Modi government has taken all measures possible to dilute the Right to Information 2005.
52. Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas, Sabka Prayas.
  • Since 2014, 7 out of 8 privatised airports have been awarded to Adani Group.
  • The Adani Group has been given control of 13 ports, representing 30% of India's ports and 40% of its' shipping capacity.
53. We have to fight these three evils with all our might: Corruption, nepotism, appeasement. Over a third of those in top BCCI posts are sons or relatives of former officials and well-known political leaders.
54. India has a strict policy of zero tolerance against corruption. Rafale, NULM Scam 2015, 2015 PDS Scam, Housing Loan Scam 2015, Admission 2015 scam, Chikki 2015 scam, KG Basin Scam, NEET 2017 Scam, Fake Currency 2017
55. It is sacred duty of the govt. To combat corruption. The govt. did all it could to suppress the findings of the Hindenburg report on the more than 100 billion dollars scam by Adani.
56. I'm ready to pay the political price to fight against corruption
  • The Electoral Bonds scheme is criticized for facilitating corporate political donations in exchange for favors.
  • BJP allegedly received over Rs. 6564 crore through electoral bonds.
  • This coincided with corporations benefitting from around Rs. 6 lakh crores due to slashed corporate taxes during the same period.
57. We now witness public glorification of convicted corrupt individuals. Several top BJP leaders, including Himanta Biswa Sarma, Narayan Rane, BS Yediyurappa, and Suvendu Adhikari faced corruption probes before joining and being promoted in the BJP. However, their charged were dropped after joining the party.
58. Have brought down corruption significantly. India has the highest overall bribery rate and highest rate of citizens using personal connections, in Asia in 2020 as surveyed by Transparency International.
59. I do not consider myself PM. Rather, I consider myself as Pradhan Sevak. Over Rs. 2000 crore spent in the first term of the Modi govt on PM's luxurious foreign trips.
60. I don't live for politics but for the nation's development. Over Rs. 7400 crore have been spent from taxpayers' money on PM Modi's publicity. This includes Rs. 4,400 crore spent in the first four years until 2018 and an additional Rs. 3000 crore spent since then.
61. Institutions like the RBI should be kept out of politics. Several former RBI governors, including Urjit Patel and Raghuram Rajan along with Viral Acharya, have expressed concerns about the curtailment of RBI's independence due to the appointment of RSS ideologues to the institution's board.
62. Quality data critical for meaningful policymaking, efficient resource allocation. Modi govt has decimated what was once one of world's most impressive statistical systems. The govt's refusal to release the NSSO's employment survey for 2017-18 led to the resignation of the last two independent members of the National Statistical Commission.
63. India under PM Modi fought most successful battle against COVID-19 in the world. Between 1 Jan 2020 and 31 Dec 2021, India witnessed highest number of excess COVID deaths - 40.7lakh.
64. Today, the world needs govts that are green and serious about environment related challenges Govt attempted to change the definition of 'forest' in the Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980 to allow more forested land to be handed over to corporations. The Supreme Court has now ruled this amendment unconstitutional.
65. “Samman” and “Swabhimaan” to poor people. A half-kilometer wall was built to hide over 2000 poor people during Donald Trump's visit
66. BJP has consistently prioritized the welfare of indigenous tribes
  • The new Forest Conservation Rules 2022 shift the responsibility of ensuring the rights of tribal communities onto state govts.
  • Union govt can permit the clearing of a forest without consulting living in it, contradicting the Forest Rights Act's requirement for free, prior, and informed consent of tribal communities.
67. New Bharat spending more on modern education. The National Education Policy recommended allocating 6% of the GDP to education, but the actual allocation remained less than 3% for the past decade.
68. In India, technology is a force of equality and empowerment. The Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill has been passed without consulting the opposition, endangering RTI and consolidating control of the Dara Protection Board under govt authority.
69. The need of the hour is for govts to be inclusive The govt has not been able to restore statehood to the people of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir despite repeated demands and protests.
70. We worked for transgender community gave then an identity. The Transgender Protection of Rights Bill 2019 was drafted without the inclusion of anyone from the trans community and it failed to protect the basic rights of trans people.
71. As a candidate for the post of PM in 2014, Modi promised to give more autonomy to the states. In 2016, GST reduced the financial autonomy of states by giving disproportionate voting rights to the Centre in the GST Council.
72. World is seeing how our relations with many countries are now strong.
  • Favorable views of India have declined 10 % points in France, Spain, Germany, and the UK, with the most notable drop in France from 70% in 2008 to 39% now.
  • Bangladesh and Malaysia openly criticized the CAA, other countries like the USA, UK, France and Australia have issued travel advisories.
73. Will transform railways/first bullet train by 2022. No bullet train till now. Focus on expensive services at the expense of crores of ordinary Indians who are finding crowded, delayed, expensive trains.
74. India not Only Tolerates but Celebrates Diversity. The BJP is undermining India's linguistic diversity by trying to impose Hindi on non-Hindi speaking states.
75. There is absolutely no space for discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed or religion Crimes against SC increased by 13% and STs by 14.3% in 2022. The proposed Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is criticized for undermining India's diversity and minority interests. The Law Commission, under Dr. Justice B S Chauhan, cautioned against its implementation, citing the importance of cultural diversity in preserving India's unity.
76. India's greatest strength is trust, including trust in everyone and trust in the govt. This trust extends to India's policies and practices. Farmers, Youth, Women, OBCs, SCs, STs have lost trust in Modi Govt because of their broken promises and incompetence.
77. Within a very short period, we have been able to establish a smooth, seamless working mechanism within the Federal structure. Modi's government has misused Governors to indefinitely delay Bills passed by state assemblies.
78. Whatever system we create, whatever decisions we take, always ask yourselves whether they strengthen the unity and integrity of India. Over 200 people have died and more than 75,000 have been displaced in Manipur, yet the BJP government has not taken responsibility for the breakdown of law and order.
79. Regardless of the ruling party or coalition, govts work towards the country's improvement by enacting laws. These laws are subjected to extensive debates, brainstorming, and serious arguments regarding their importance and effects. Major Bills like the Criminal laws and the Selection of the CEC and Election Commissioners were passed in Parliament while 146 opposition MPs were suspended.
80. The Digital Personal Data Protection Act has safeguarded the data of the present generation and garnered interest from across the world. Exemptions to data processing by the government on grounds such as national security could result in data collection, processing, and retention beyond necessity. This may infringe on the fundamental right to privacy.
81. Marginalized castes (Dalits, OBCs, tribals) biggest beneficiaries of pro-poor schemes According to the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index of 2021, approximately 33.3% of India's 28.3 crore SC population is living in poverty.
82. Atrocities against women and Dalits are unacceptable Crimes against Dalits and Adivasis have increased by 48% from 2013 to 2022.
83. Modi govt strengthened laws against atrocities on Dalits and marginalized castes In the last five years, 339 people lost their lives while cleaning sewers and septic tanks in India, due to the illegal and inhumane caste-based practice of manual scavenging (Union social justice and empowerment ministry).
84. We are committed to empowerment of SCs, STs, and OBCs 5 lakh reserved posts for SCs, STs, OBCs, in sanctioned Central govt jobs are lying vacant. In Group A government jobs, just 13% are SCs, 5.7% STs, and 16% are OBCs. In Central university professor posts, only 7.1% are SCs, 1.6% STs, and 4.5% OBCs.
85. No one can take away reservations until Modi is there 10 lakh vacancies in govt jobs and many lakhs in PSUs. PSUs are being privatized. These actions are taking away reservation through the back door.
86. Tribal welfare is Modi's guarantee A total of 800,000 trees are being felled and 1,70,000 hectares biodiversity-rich land in one of the most dense, Hasdeo forest is being given to Adani, which is displacing and suppressing the local tribal population.
87. Marginalized castes are reaching the pinnacle of development under Modi govt 71% of ST households and 49% of SC households are in the poorest 40% of the population. The gap in SC and General caste children dying before age 5 has widened in the last 10 years. In 2015-16, the rate of children dying before age 5 was 20% worse in SC than general. Today, it is 45%.
88. Education for all Gross Enrolment ratio for SCs 23.1%, STs 18.9%, and women 24.9% is well below the national average of 27.3%. 13,626 students from SC, ST & OBC communities dropped out of IITs, IIMs, and Central universities in the last 5 years.
89. We are proud that a tribal woman is India's President The President was not invited to the inauguration ceremony of the new Parliament or the Ram Mandir.
90. We have ensured no person, no section is left out in the development journey of the society Only 20% of OBCs and SCs, and just 12% of STs had regular jobs. In contrast, around 29% of STs, 38% of SCs, and 20% of OBCs were casual workers, compared to 11.2% in the general category.
91. Owned a digital camera in 1987-88 It was in the 1990s that the first digital camera came to the market. Also, he claims he was poor.
92. In a conference with Farooq Abdullah, he claimed he had never been married. Narendra Modi mentioned marital status in poll affidavit after SC order on full disclosure
93. I suggested that clouds can provide us much needed cover during the Balakot strike and prevent detection of our fighter jets by Pakistani radars. Even experts didn't want to go ahead because of bad weather. Clouds don't affect radar coverage but bad weather can affect efficiency in operation of planes.
94. Post graduation in 'Entire Political Science,' completed in 1983 from Gujarat University There is no such subject as 'Entire Political Science'. Gujarat's courts have stonewalled all probes into the authenticity of PM's strange degree.
95. When we think of Gupta dynasty we think of Chandragupta Maurya Chandragupta was from Maurya Dynasty not Gupta Dynasty
96. Weather is not changing due to climate change. Our ability to tolerate extreme weather conditions has reduced. Global Warming is real. In 2022, the world recorded temperature that's 1.15 degree celsius higher than industrial revolution levels
97. Have seen a chaiwala making tea from gas generated through a pipe attached to a sewer. No such technology exists anywhere in the world which can convert sewage gas into fuel.
98. I was a Chaiwala Railways replied in an RTI that there's no official record to show that Modi was a tea-seller on railway platforms or trains during his childhood
99. Hum to faqeer aadmi hain, jhola utha kar chal padenge! PM Modi has a billion dollar lifestyle
100. Biharis defeated Alexander the Great Alexander's army never crossed the Ganges, and was not defeated by Biharis.

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