Rahul Gandhi: Modi Wants You To Be Mobile Addicts, And Die Of Hunger

The 52nd day of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra held special significance today. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi will be visiting the historic Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain. This marks his second visit to this sacred temple during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, with the previous one on November 29, 2022. Rahul’s visit to Mahakal holds particular significance as the BJP is engaged in religious politics and consistently creates obstacles to his visiting various temples. Whether it’s the BJP government in Assam preventing his entry to the shrine of Shri Shankardev or the withholding of photos of his visit to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, state and central BJP governments are taking such actions out of fear.

The morning Yatra commenced from Sarangpur and proceeded towards Shajapur. As is the routine, Rahul Gandhi continued the journey amidst crowds consisting of thousands of common citizens. Upon reaching Shajapur, the address to the public began. He addressed the youth in his speech, saying, ‘Here, a young person spends 6-7 hours watching reels on the mobile. While Chinese youth earn profits by selling phones, Indian industrialists who sell phones also benefit. Chinese youth earn profits, and our youth watch reels. I want to see ‘Made in Madhya Pradesh’ written on the mobile phones in our pockets. Let our youth earn money from mobile phones, and let Chinese youth watch reels on phones made here. Modi Ji does not want this. Modi wants you to be addicted to your mobile phones all day, chant Jai Shri Ram, and die of hunger.

After this address, the yatra continued. A welcome ceremony was organized for the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra and Rahul Gandhi in Nainawad. The yatra paused for the event and then will resume for an afternoon break.

After the midday break, the yatra recommenced, with the visible excitement of the people. Negotiating through the crowd posed a challenge even for Rahul’s Jeep. The road wasn’t only filled with Congress supporters; today, some BJP enthusiasts were also in attendance. Waving the BJP flag, they vociferously criticized Rahul Gandhi, anticipating an indignant response. They assumed that Rahul Gandhi would react angrily, offering them a chance to tarnish his image through recorded videos. However, Rahul Gandhi remained unfazed. These politicians hardly swayed the man who forgave his father’s murderers. How could someone advocating for Mohabbat Ki Dukan in the country be angered by anyone? That’s precisely what happened. Rahul Gandhi halted his jeep, disembarked, and approached the BJP supporters, asking them, ‘Brothers, how are you?’ The opposition from those boys dissipated instantly. Those who had arrived as adversaries of Rahul Gandhi left as friends. Such is the transformative power of love.

Rahul Gandhi visited the renowned Mahakal Temple in Ujjain to seek blessings and offer prayers. Here, too, BJP supporters attempted to unsettle Rahul Gandhi with chants of ‘Modi-Modi.’ However, they overlooked the fact that Rahul Gandhi is not one to be intimidated. Inside the temple, Rahul bowed at the feet of Mahakal, offering prayers for the health and safety of the people. After the temple visit, the yatra continued. Starting from the Gopal Temple, Rahul Gandhi initiated a roadshow amidst a sea of supporters. Once again, the atmosphere reverberated enthusiastically, echoing cheers for Rahul Gandhi and triumphant chants for Mother India. The entire ambience took on a festive spirit. The roadshow proceeded from Gopal Temple to Devas Gate. At Devas Gate, Rahul Gandhi addressed the assembled crowd.

Accompanying Rahul on his Jeep today were two girls – Bulbul and Riddhima. During his address, Rahul remarked, ‘Establishing Mohabbat Ki Dukan is not as challenging as it seems. When I was arriving, some people stood with BJP flags, shouting. I got out of the          car, went to them, shook hands, and asked them, ‘Brothers, how are you?’ They ceased their clamor, and as I departed, they bid me farewell with affection. Hatred takes root within those who evade life and succumb to fear. However, those who confront life, who do not yield to fear, do not succumb to hatred. Because they know they can, they possess the capability and are unafraid.’

Following this motivational speech, the yatra proceeded towards Badnagar for an overnight rest.

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