Rahul Gandhi: Modi Government Believes Farm Loan Waiver Will Spoil Farmers!

The Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra entered its 50th day filled with enthusiasm. The Yatra started on time from Gwalior in the morning. Rahul Gandhi first met some youth preparing for Agniveer. He heard their pain and learned about their troubles. There is resentment among the youth of the entire country towards the unethical plan of the Modi government. Due to this controversial scheme, the future of 1.5 lakh youth is hanging in the balance. Rahul has been expressing his dissatisfaction with the Agniveer scheme since the beginning of the Yatra. So far, the BJP has been dividing the country based on religion, language, and region. With the Agniveer scheme, even the status of martyrs is divided. Agniveers will not be given the status of martyrs. They will not receive any government facilities. Only one youth out of every four will be recruited into the army. The rest will return to civilian life after three years. This is Modi’s guarantee!

After the meeting with Agniveer youth, the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra convoy headed towards Mohna, Shivpuri. Thousands of people were walking with Rahul Gandhi in this roadshow from Gwalior. The BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi are troubled by such a large crowd joining the Nyay Yatra since the beginning.

After the roadshow, Rahul Gandhi addressed thousands of people in Mohna, Shivpuri. Rahul Gandhi passionately expressed his views in front of the public. He said, ‘In the last forty years, unemployment is at its highest in the country. Unemployment in India is twice that of Pakistan. Here, 23% of youth are unemployed, there 12%. Unemployment in our country is higher than in Bangladesh and Bhutan. The reason is Modi ji’s demonetization and GST. The caste census will reveal the truth. We will know the population of each caste and how much wealth each person in the country has. When we talked about the caste census, Modi ji started saying that there are only two castes in the country. Earlier, he used to roam around saying, that I am OBC!’

Rahul Gandhi talked about the efforts made by the Congress when it was in power to connect the Poor, Dalits, Backward, and Tribals with the mainstream. He said, ‘Earlier, there used to be a way for these people through government jobs in the public sector. Now, government companies like HAL and BHEL are being handed over to private individuals. Adani ji is getting the contract for HAL. The Agniveer scheme has been implemented. Earlier, youth used to join the army, get a pension, have canteen facilities, and receive respect in villages. But now, the Agniveer scheme has ended all of this. One will get full training, and the remaining three will only get 6 months of training. Now, if any of those three becomes a martyr, the government will say that he did not become a martyr. We won’t give anything, no pension, canteen facilities, or martyr’s status. According to me, this is Anyay.’

Rahul continued. He said, ‘I know the system. I have seen the system from the inside. That’s why I am saying that there should be a little awareness. You don’t even know how much damage you are suffering. BJP people say Bharat Mata Ki Jai, but why aren’t you saying Jai to 73%? They should also get something.’

Speaking about farmers, Rahul said emphatically, ‘If we make a list of farmers, 73% will be Dalits, Backward, Tribals, and a few poor upper castes. The BJP government has waived off 16 lakh crore rupees of 200 big industrialists in the last ten years. But not a single rupee of the farmers’ debt has been waived off. I only said that if they can waive off so much money for industrialists, then forgive a little debt for the farmers. But in Parliament, I am told that Rahul ji, we do not want to spoil the habits of the farmers! They can spoil the habits of industrialists but not those of the farmers.’

Talking about the farmers’ protest, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘Spears are planted on the borders of Haryana and Punjab. But what are the farmers demanding? The farmers are only demanding a fair price for their crops. But Modi ji says we will not give. What is the farmer doing wrong? He is giving his blood and sweat, doing penance. But they will not give him his rights. They will give to those who make chips and sell mobiles, but not to the farmers. Ambani’s son is getting married, and people are enjoying themselves in full swing, but you are dying of hunger.’

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, a companion of the Nyay Yatra, was scheduled to go to Patna today to participate in the Jan Vishwas Maharally organized by the INDIA Alliance. Due to this, the Congress leadership took the decision to halt the Yatra. Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh announced this decision through his X (Formerly Twitter) account.

The Yatra will resume from Shivpuri tomorrow.

“Any individual in the country who feels subjected to injustice, experiencing any form of unfair treatment, holds the potential to transform into a Nyay Yoddha. If you harbour the aspiration to become a Nyay Yoddha, give a missed call at 9891802024.”

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  1. Parameswara Reddy

    There is no point in roaming on roads. Modi already listed 195 cand8dates so as they al started corporate style bombarding campaign in their seats. But here this guy kiling his party candidatea winning chance by not announcing its candidates. As usual till last minutes those congress leaders or its followers dont know who is their candidate makes the congress to lose seats to bjp. Best ex. Take ex of Delhi. Both bjp 5 & aap 4 declared their candiates but congress not even able to declare even one seat of 3 as part of its alliance in Delhi clears as congress defalt gifting 3 seats to bjp. That way congress dont have any moral to ask voters to vote. If he has any shame he just keep his house in order than crying on modi. Best ex recent RS election outcome of HP. With 40+ MLAs & 3 independents too bjp won there. Now like stone era village widow blames on bjp. How come CM of a state intelligence failed to find out whats in MLAs thinking &what cpngress leaders in Delhi planned to win RS. It seems he himself sold out to bjp so as slowly killing his own party 🤦‍♂️

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