Rahul Gandhi: BJP’s Vikas Model Will Be Stopped By Tribals, Dalits, Adivasi And Farmers

The 56th day of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra commenced from Chhota Udaipur in Gujarat, where a huge crowd joined the procession. The Congress’s Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is garnering a grand welcome everywhere, standing against the Anyay of the Modi government. Thousands gather daily for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow. Rahul Gandhi received a splendid welcome not just in Chhota Udaipur but also in the Narmada district. The yatra reached Rajpipla amidst a crowd of thousands. Rahul Gandhi offered prayers and performed rituals in the famous Shri Harsiddhi Mata Temple in Rajpipla. Rahul Gandhi wished prosperity and well-being for the people of the country here. After leaving the temple, the Nyay Yatra proceeded towards Bharuch.

In Bharuch, Rahul Gandhi addressed the people and criticized the Gujarat model, stating, ‘The Gujarat model started here in Gujarat, and it will be halted here. Tribals, Dalits, farmers, and backward classes will put a stop to it.’

Emphasizing the anyay in the participation of people in governance, the Congress leader said that ‘90 IAS officers run the government. These officers determine the country’s entire budget. Among them, there is only one person from the tribal community, and that person is relegated to a corner. When the Indian government spends 100 rupees, only 10 paise is spent by the officer from the tribal community. The tribal population is 8%, but their participation in spending is only 10 paise. When it comes to taking land, they push you forward, and when it comes to participation, they push you to the back. They take away your Jal, Jangal, and Zameen. You should ask yourself, who is this development for? Is it for 90% or for 2-3%?’

Drawing a distinction between Adivasis and Vanvasi, Rahul Gandhi promised that they would ensure the rights to Jal, Jangal, and Zameen for the Adivasis. He said, ‘I want to remind you first that you are not just Adivasis; you are not Vanvasi. The rights to Jal, Jangal, and Zameen are yours, and the Congress Party will ensure them for you. We will properly implement the Tribal Act and Forest Act that we had applied before. You deserve your land, and we will ensure your rights.’

Speaking about people’s participation at every level in the country, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘The second issue is participation. The first step is to determine who these 90 percent are who are not given participation in the country. Everyone knows that the hearts of the poor in India are wounded. People like Adani and Ambani are given 16 lakh crore rupees in debt waivers. But not even one rupee is forgiven for farmers and laborers. It’s the era of data, the 21st century, but still, no one knows how much pain someone feels, where it hurts, and how much. They don’t want to tell you how much they have. They fear caste census. Caste census reveals two things – the count of people in every caste and economic survey.’

Critiquing the BJP’s development model, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘In Gujarat, there are 30 contractors – AA class. Your GST money goes into their pockets. From your pockets, money is taken out and given to these 30 contractors for road construction. But among these 30, you won’t find a single Dalit, Backward, or Adivasi. BJP calls this development by taking money from your pockets and putting it into Adani’s pockets.’

Talking about the Fasal Bima Yojana (Crop Insurance Scheme) scam, Rahul Gandhi informed the people, ‘The Fasal Bima Yojana costs 35,000 crores per year. The state government contributes 10,000 crores. The money from the Fasal Bima Yojana goes to 16 companies, and none of their owners is a Dalit, Backward, or Adivasi. The caste census will reveal the truth, and we will remove the 50% limit imposed on it.’

Discussing their manifesto, he said, ‘Modi’s government refuses to provide MSP to farmers. In our manifesto, we have written that the Congress Party will provide a legal MSP to farmers. The caste census is a revolutionary step, and we will not abandon it. My goal is for the wealth and institutions of India to have participation from all the citizens of India.’

During the Bharuch Jan Samvad, an Adivasi youth and a former soldier, exposed the unethical policies of the BJP government. Both of them told the crowd how the Modi government is deceiving people in the name of development and compromising the country’s security. After Bharuch, the yatra headed towards Surat with a large crowd accompanying it. In Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress’s Nyay Yatra and the massive crowd, along with Rahul Gandhi, are putting the BJP in a problematic situation. Rest arrangements for the night during the yatra were made in Surat.

“Any individual in the country who feels subjected to injustice, experiencing any form of unfair treatment, holds the potential to transform into a Nyay Yoddha. If you harbour the aspiration to become a Nyay Yoddha, give a missed call at 9891802024.”

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