Rahul Gandhi: 73% Of The Population Is Admonished And Relegated To The Corner

Today was the 49th day of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra. After a five-day break, the Yatra commenced from Dholpur, Rajasthan, to Morena, Madhya Pradesh. Thousands joined this Yatra, motivated by anger towards injustice prevailing in the country and determined to change the current situation.

In a rally organized at the Bhimrao Ambedkar Stadium in Morena, the National Flag was handed over to the Pradesh Congress President of Madhya Pradesh by the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress President. The Yatra in Madhya Pradesh will last for five days. After the flag handover ceremony, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed the public gathering.

Addressing the crowd, Rahul Gandhi first thanked the people for waiting despite the rain and apologized for the delay. He then once again targeted the central government, saying, ‘The BJP and RSS are spreading hatred, violence, and fear. These issues don’t come to light in the media, so we thought of directly addressing the people. After Independence, perhaps no political party has undertaken a 4,000-kilometer yatra. While the BJP spreads hatred, the Congress is working to spread love. Madhya Pradesh is the heart of the country, and both of my yatra originate from here.’

Rahul Gandhi talked about the five principles of the Nyay Yatra and said, ‘Various injustices are happening in the country. The biggest is Arthik Anyay. In this country, 22 individuals hold as much wealth as 50% of the country’s population. The poorest 50% of this country holds only 3% of its wealth. The richest 5% of this country holds 60% of its wealth. The highest unemployment in forty years is recorded. If you look at the unemployment rate among the youth in India, it is double that of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Modi’s GST and demonetization are behind this. This is economic injustice. You will see the youth wandering the streets wherever you go in any state. Unemployed youth will be visible. This is economic injustice. Include farmers in this.’

Regarding the anyay of the central government towards farmers, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘In the last ten years, Modi Ji has forgiven 16 lakh crore rupees of big industrialists but has not forgiven a single rupee of the farmers. The farmer is just demanding MSP. He is demanding the right price for his produce. As soon as the crop is ready, they change the export-import policy and reduce the prices. Then, farmers have to sell their produce at lower prices. They want a guarantee that at least we will get MSP. I am telling you that we will guarantee legal MSP as soon as the Congress party comes to power. We have written this in our manifesto.’

He also raised awareness about caste-based census and said, ‘In social injustice, 73% of the population comprises Dalits, Adivasis, and backward classes. However, their participation in higher positions in society is negligible. In the names of big companies, private colleges, private universities, professors of central universities, reporters, and influencers, the presence of these 73% of people is not visible anywhere. There are 90 IAS officers who distribute the budget of the entire country. Out of these 90, only three are backward, one is Adivasi, and three are Dalits. When distributing the budget, they are sidelined and told to sit in the corner quietly. You make six percent of the country’s budget decisions. Backward Caste, Adivasis, and Dalits are visible only among laborers, MNREGA laborers, construction workers, and sanitation workers. Narendra Modi does this. On one hand, there is economic injustice, and on the other hand, there is social injustice. They don’t give anything to farmers, they don’t give anything to laborers. And the entire benefit goes to fifteen big industrialists.’

He reiterated the Congress party’s commitment to the benefits of the poor, saying, ‘The purpose of our Nyay Yatra is precisely this – we want to end this injustice and ensure that the poor get their rights. Social justice’s first revolutionary step is a caste-based census. With this, 73% will get their rights. You will know how much dishonesty is being done with you and how much you are being misled.’

After this, the yatra proceeded towards Gwalior from Morena. Upon reaching Gwalior, Rahul Gandhi conducted a roadshow. After the roadshow, he addressed the gathered crowd of thousands. Once again, he spoke about the five principles of the Nyay Yatra, particularly highlighting Arthik and Samajik Nyay. Rahul Gandhi reiterated the promises made in the Congress party’s manifesto, including the caste census and providing MSP to farmers. He assured that he would fulfil these commitments when the Congress party forms the government.

Following the address, the Yatra headed towards the camp, where arrangements for the overnight stay were made.

“Any individual in the country who feels subjected to injustice, experiencing any form of unfair treatment, holds the potential to transform into a Nyay Yoddha. If you harbour the aspiration to become a Nyay Yoddha, give a missed call at 9891802024.”

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