Day 5: Assam CM Is The Most Corrupt CM Of India

On the fifth day of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, after spending the night at Aohadang Ground Tuli, Mokokchung began its journey toward Assam. A short and beautiful journey of 17 km from Tuli stopped at Jorhat, Assam. As Mr. Gandhi was leaving Tuli, the artists from the area performed traditional folk dance. Along the route of the Yatra, the crowd of people was waiting with gifts, love, and blessings for his successful onward journey. The memorable moment of the day for Mr. Gandhi was when little kids accompanied him on his morning journey.

The Congress Party unit in Assam organised a program to welcome Mr. Gandhi at the Assam-Nagaland border. The program started with the handing over the National Flag by the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) President S. Supongmeren Jamir to the Assam PCC President Bhupen Kumar Borah. After that, Mr. Gandhi addressed the gathering. He attacked the Central Government and the BJP for spreading hatred in the country and damaging the secular fabric of the nation. He said- ‘The BJP and RSS spread hatred in the nation and create disputes among religions. Their aim is to divide people and then snatch away their wealth, this is a fact. This yatra aims to unite all religions, castes, and citizens, but we are also including ‘NYAY’, because we believe the BJP and RSS are doing INJUSTICE (ANYAY) in every state across the nation – financial injustice, social injustice, and political injustice.’

Mr. Gandhi lashed out at the State BJP government and said- ‘Probably the most corrupt government runs in Assam. You know what is happening in Assam. We will raise your issues in the Bharat Jodo Nayay Yatra.’

Referring to Srimanta Sankardev, a saint-scholar, social-religious reformer, and figure of importance in Assam’s cultural and religious history, Mr Gandhi said- ‘You spoke about Sankardev ji. This yatra is about the ideology of Sankardev ji. As he had said and is in the history of Assam, we are repeating those things. Sankardev Ji had shown you the path, united everyone, and fought against injustice. In the same way, Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra will move ahead in that direction.’

After the welcome ceremony, Mr. Gandhi and the Yatris proceeded with the Yatra and were welcomed by huge crowds who were waiting to see Mr. Gandhi. At several places, small cultural programs were presented by Assamese artists, and Mr. Gandhi acknowledged by joining them.

Mariani, Assam became witness to a special moment showcasing the connection Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra has been able to create between the people and Mr. Rahul Gandhi. When women who had assembled for a program organised for the Assam Chief Minister saw the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra bus and Mr. Rahul Gandhi, they rushed towards him. Mr. Gandhi’s convoy stopped for them, and he exited the bus. Those women then requested to click pictures with him, which he agreed to. Mr. Gandhi spent some time with them and asked about their well-being.

जहां भी जाता हूं, भारत की महिलाओं से, माताओं और बहनों से मुझे हमेशा बहुत प्यार और आशीर्वाद मिला है। जो हमारे देश की शक्ति हैं, उनके साथ होते अन्याय को देख कर बहुत दुख होता है। उनके अधिकारों के लिए, सुरक्षा, सम्मान और समानता के लिए हर संघर्ष करने को तत्पर हूं।

Posted by Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The people of Assam have already received the message of Nyay from Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra. And they are sending messages of Nyay to their corrupt government.

Among the people whom Mr. Gandhi met today were the Delimitation Delegation and Tribal Delegation. The delegation informed Mr. Gandhi about the status of the delimitation exercise and the problems surrounding the same. Besides the delimitation delegation, Mr. Gandhi also got to interact with the Tribal Community delegation. The Yatra stopped at Puthinadi, Jorhat, for lunch.

After lunch, the Yatra left for Nimati Road, Jorhat. Here again, the road was full of people. A sea of people was waiting for Mr. Gandhi to leave the bus and meet them. Everyone wanted to touch him, have a selfie with him, give him a rose, someone wanted to gift Gamosa. Mr. Gandhi did not disappoint anyone, and the convoy proceeded.

Mr. Gandhi met a delegation of Civil Society members representing Tea plantation workers. The group informed about their dire working condition and meagre wages. The group asked Mr. Gandhi to get the workers their rightful wages and humane working conditions.

Mr. Gandhi then had a brief Padyatra with thousands of people marching along. Senior Congress leader Shri Jairam Ramesh and KC Venugopal also accompanied him. At around 4.30 pm, the convoy reached Jorhat town, where Mr. Gandhi addressed a gathering. Mr. Gandhi minced no words in attacking the Central and State governments.

He said- ‘Nobody understands violence better than Assam, there was a time when you could not come out of your home, there was violence, hatred, and people were murdered, remember, the Congress party finished the violence and united the people of Assam. Today, the BJP and your CM are dividing Assam. You all know about this. I don’t need to say this, but probably the most corrupt CM in India. All the members, from his children to himself and his wife, are united in corruption. They think with the help of money, they can buy the people of Assam, but money cannot buy the people of Assam. Assam people belong to Sankardev ji, he has shown the path, and you all shown to the rest of the nation.’

He further attacked the Central Government and said- ‘Unemployment is the biggest issue for the youth in this nation, if I ask a question to youth, how many youths are unemployed, raise your hands, see, wherever ever in any state, if you ask question to youth, you will see the huge unemployment, Government runs only for 2-3 industrialist, Narendra Modi given the Airports, ports, farming, infrastructure to Adani and here your CM taking everything for himself. Small and medium businesses, which provide employment, have been destroyed by Demonetization, GST, and the result is all the industries closing one by one, public sectors are being destroyed, and youths are not getting jobs. This is injustice towards youths, the biggest injustice of unemployment happening towards youths, this we want to put it in front of the nation. India can not progress with unemployment. The Congress party and we promise to fill all the government vacancies for you, revive all the small and medium industries here, and provide jobs to the youths.’

After the speech, Mr. Gandhi left for Kumar Gaon, Nimati Road, Jorhat, where the night halt arrangements were made.

“Any individual in the country who feels subjected to injustice, experiencing any form of unfair treatment, holds the potential to transform into a Nyay Yoddha. If you harbour the aspiration to become a Nyay Yoddha, give a missed call at 9891802024.”

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