Day 3: Religion Is Personal

The third day of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra began with a note of positivity, fun, and happiness. It proceeded with a reception hosted by the Visema Municipal Council. Mr. Gandhi then went on to pay homage to the martyrs of WW II at Kohima War Memorial.

The convoy reached Phulbari where the Congress leader addressed the people and thanked them for their love and affection. Thereafter Rahul Gandhi walked along with the people listening to their concerns. He also participated in the traditional dance showcased by the people and humbly accepted the gifts presented to him.

Along the way, people would wait for hours to have a glance at the Congress leader. And Mr. Rahul Gandhi would not shy away from inviting people into the bus or getting down from the bus to get the photographs clicked or shake hands. On one such occasion, Mr. Gandhi had an unusual visitor today. A woman admirer was waiting to have a moment with the Congress leader. Mr. Gandhi saw her and happily invited her to get a picture clicked with him. The woman had a puppy with her, which she left before boarding the bus. However, Mr. Gandhi noticed this action and promptly asked her to bring her pet along.

All paws on deck! 🐾

Posted by Rahul Gandhi on Monday, January 15, 2024

This personal trait of Mr. Gandhi sets him apart from other political leaders. The Nyay Yatra proceeded with meeting people and having conversations with them. Mr. Rahul Gandhi surprised everyone by asking for an impromptu halt in front of a Sports stadium.

Congress senior leader and General Secretary Communications Mr. Jairam Ramesh mentioned this interesting stopover on X (Formerly Twitter)– ‘.@RahulGandhi made an impromptu stop at a sports stadium where the Kohima Village Sports Association had organised a week-long sports meet. The Association was started in 1944! The plaque at the stadium is most telling. Woh bhi ek zamaana tha!’

For the lunch break the Yatris along with Mr. Rahul Gandhi halted at SCERT College Ground Chiephobozou Town. Post lunch he addressed a press conference and answered all the questions posed to him. Answering one such question about the Congress Party not attending the January 22 consecration ceremony of Ram Mandir at Ayodhya he said- ‘RSS-BJP have given an election flavour to January 22. The authorities of Hindu Dharma have said that they will not be attending the function as it has become a political function. That’s why the Congress President has refused to go there. As far as religion is concerned, we are with all religions. Whoever wants to go, can go, can go from the Congress party. But we cannot be a party to a political function. My thinking is that the one who truly believes in religion worships personally and uses religion in his life. The one who has to take advantage of religion wears them on their sleeve. I am not interested in that. I try to live my life according to the basic principles of the religion. I treat people well. I respect people. I do not speak arrogantly. I do not spread hatred. This is the Hindu religion for me.’

After the press conference, the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra proceeded from Rengma Sports Association Ground, Tseminyu. Mr. Rahul Gandhi attended a Football match and watched it while sitting alongside kids. In the evening while addressing the crowd in Wokha acknowledged and thanked the people of Nagaland for their love and respect by saying- ‘I feel bad and apologize for not having been able to spend more time with you people. I will have to come again to meet and continue our conversations, and I will be back soon.’

Thereafter Mr, Rahul Gandhi left for Chukitong where the night halt for the day was planned.

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