Day 21: Indians Are Either Rich Or Poor, But Mr. Modi Is OBC!

On the second day of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Jharkhand, it started from Sarkanda in Godda and proceeded to Dhanbad, passing through Godda, Dumka, and Deoghar. Similar to Bengal and Bihar, thousands of people gathered here for the Nyay Yatra and Shri Gandhi. Before starting the yatra Shri Gandhi addressed the gathered crowd. He once again raised concerns about the injustice perpetrated by the central government. He vehemently spoke against the unethical policies of the central government, especially criticizing the cancellation of the Land Acquisition Bill.

Shri Gandhi stated, ‘The Congress party and I brought the Land Acquisition Bill. We proposed that if the land is taken from a poor farmer, it should first be inquired about with the Panchayat, then with the farmer, and the farmer should be paid four times the market rate. We made this law.’

‘However, as soon as Narendra Modi came to power, his first action was to cancel the Land Acquisition Bill. We brought the Adivasi Bill, attempting to bring the Sarna Code here, but he did not allow it. So, you see, somewhere or the other, Anyay is happening against everyone.’

After addressing the public, the Nyay Yatra moved towards Sakri. In Sakri, Shri Gandhi had discussions with Adivasi leaders and felicitated them. Also, three individuals, whose land had been taken by the government but the promise of compensation is yet to be fulfilled, met Shri Gandhi,.

The government had promised jobs to the residents in Godda for their lands required to develop Adani’s electricity project. The government promised to provide employment to 75% of the local population. Initially, they were supposed to be trained in electrical work under Skill India, and then become apprentices. However, they were later informed that a job in Adani’s company is impossible without a B.Tech degree. This way, the locals were deceived, and injustice was done to them.

Afterward, the Yatra proceeded towards Deoghar. Shri Gandhi had a roadshow on the way, where he addressed the public on issues like inflation, unemployment, and problems related to youth and farmers. Interestingly, during the entire Jharkhand tour, there was noticeable anger among the youth against the Modi government, particularly regarding unemployment.

During the lunch break in Khirdhana, the Congress Secretary, Shri Jairam Ramesh, held a press conference. Responding to questions about the India Alliance, he said, ‘The India Alliance is strong, and seat-sharing discussions are ongoing. An official announcement will be made soon, and it cannot be a unilateral announcement. When there is an alliance, we all have to make an announcement together. If there is seat sharing in Maharashtra, then Shiv Sena, NCP, and Congress Party, all will give a joint statement. The same will happen in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.’

After the lunch break, the Nyay Yatra continued towards Deoghar, where Shri Gandhi performed puja-archana at Baba Baidyanath Dham. Shri Gandhi prayed for the well-being of the country and the state. From there, Shri Gandhi conducted a roadshow covering some distance. The support for the Nyay Yatra continued to grow stronger with the immense backing of the people. At Veer Kunwar Singh Chowk, Shri Gandhi addressed the people once again, roaring against the central government’s policies.

Shri Gandhi said, ‘Just as when someone is injured, an X-ray is taken, similarly, there should be an X-ray of India, a caste census should be done. It should be known how many Dalits, backward classes, minorities, and general category people are there in this country. The first step towards Nyay is that. If we don’t even know how many tribals, Dalits, minorities, and backward classes are there in the country, then how can nyay be served? As soon as we talked about the caste census, Narendra Modi said that there is no caste in the country. There are only two castes in the country, one is poor, and the other is rich. If there are only two castes in the country, Mr. Modi, then how are you OBC? How did you become OBC?’

After Shri Gandhi’s powerful speech, the convoy headed towards Dhanbad. Arrangements for an overnight stay during the night halt of the Nyay Yatra were made in Halkata, Dhanbad.

“Any individual in the country who feels subjected to injustice, experiencing any form of unfair treatment, holds the potential to transform into a Nyay Yoddha. If you harbour the aspiration to become a Nyay Yoddha, give a missed call at 9891802024.”

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